Ukulele For Beginners

10 Oct

You've started playing the Ukulele and you are ready to purchase your own. Choosing the right ukulele for beginners can be a bit difficult because there is so much to consider. 

The first thing you want to consider is the size. Ukuleles come in four main sizes. From smallest to largest, these are: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The Soprano and concert tend to have the most traditional sounds and work good for those with smaller hands. People with larger hands will generally find the tenor a more comfortable size. The baritone is slightly different. It is tuned the same as the bottom strings of a guitar and so tends to sound similar to as a guitar as well. If possible I recommend you hold them all and play them before making your choice. Find the one that suits your hands and the music you will play the best. 

The next thing to consider is the price. There are two ways to go about price depending on your goal. One is to get a cheap ukulele to see if you like it and will stick with it. You can pick one up one for around $20. Then, purchase a more expensive one when you get serious. One negative point to doing it this way, is that a cheap ukulele will not sound good even if you play good. This can be quite disappointing and you might lose your motivation to continue. Having gone this route myself, I can also say cheap ukuleles are harder to play. If you are pretty sure you are serious, then you should go ahead and get a good one from the start. You can generally get a decent ukulele from about $100-$150. 

If you have a store available go check them out and find out which one you like. If you have a friend who plays then borrow theirs and see how you like it. After playing for a while you will start to know what you want. If your fingers feel cramped you need something bigger, if you can't reach, then smaller. 

Good Luck!

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