Ukulele For Sale

13 Oct

It's not difficult to find an ukulele for sale. A quick search on Ebay will return over 6,800 results. It is however, more difficult to narrow down the good ukuleles. Especially if you are trying to choose an ukulele for beginners.  However, unless you are wanting a toy, you will want to steer away from a lot of the listings which are really cheap. You can find pretty painted soprano ukuleles for about $20. Trust me, you don't want these. I went this route myself, and after spending about $10 on some nice strings, it still doesn't sound good. In fact, it doesn't make much sound at all. So what should you look for?

Some of the common brands are Kala, Makala (made by Kala), Oscar Schmidt and Lanikai. 

You should be able to find a pretty good ukulele for around $100-$150, but you can pick up a decent one for around $60. Spending a lot more than this can be a waste if you don't know how much you will be playing. UkuleleHunt, an internet site that teaches how to play the ukulele recommends the Lanikai LU-21 and the Kala KA-S as good beginner ukuleles. 

So take a look at the listings and find out what you like the best. Also remember to choose the right size. If you aren't sure what sizes there are, check out Ukulele for Beginners.

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