Learn Ukulele For Beginners

16 Oct
I first started playing the ukulele because my wife was doing hula and there were a lot of ukulele players around. It made learning ukulele basics much easier. There are a lot of resources around for ukulele beginners (ex. YouTube). However, I think one of the difficult things about learning the ukulele for beginners is finding instruction. You can learn a lot from watching videos and reading books, but it always helps to have someone there to teach you and show you exactly how to hold the ukulele and how to hit a certain chord. It sure did for me.

Today I came across a listing for a beginner ukulele class on November 5th in San Francisco. The cost is $30 for 2 hours of instruction. I feel this might be a bit expensive, but SF generally is. I have no idea on the quality of instruction, but you can check out the ad here: CLASS 

Good luck and keep on playing.

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