Buy an Ukulele: It might save your life

17 Oct

There are a lot of reasons that I have continued to play the ukulele. I love the sound, it's easy to play, and it's easy to take with me. But more than anything, it makes me happy. I have a lot of fun when I play and learn and that is the biggest reason that I keep on playing. I think it is also the best reasons to buy an ukulele. The ukulele is easy for beginners and can be cheap which makes it a great beginners instrument. If you need even more reasons to buy an ukulele check out 5 reasons to buy an ukulele.

Playing the ukulele makes me happy. However, I came across the site today that took the benefits of the ukulele to a whole new level. The ukulele saves his life. 

No, he didn't use it as a weapon to fend off an attacker. He used it as a way to relax from an extremely stressful life. After having a heart attack at the Age of 33, the author of the article started playing a cheap ukulele and couldn't put it down. It completely changed his life. You can find the full story here: Ukulele Saved my life

So what are you waiting for? Go buy your ukulele now!

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