Martin Ukuleles

24 Oct

(Picture taken from Martin Ukulele site)

Thus far, I have talked a lot about cheap ukuleles and good ukuleles for beginners. Today I would like to talk about Martin Ukuleles. 

Martin ukuleles were made by the Martin guitar company, a company widely regarded for their high quality guitars. Around 1910, they began making ukuleles. Ukuleles started growing in demand and by the 1920s, Martin was selling nearly twice as many ukuleles as they were guitars. Martine Ukuleles were made in high quantity through the 50s, but as demand fell in the 60s as music tastes changed, the ukulele lost its popularity. By the mid 70s Martin ukuleles were no longer available unless you special ordered them.  

Like anything that is no longer available, but of very high quality, Martin Ukuleles are highly sought after collectors edition. You can find basic models (1k) for a couple hundred dollars, but the highly sought after (5k) generally goes for several thousand. There is currently a listing for on on Ebay for over $4,000.

So are these good beginner ukuleles. Not really. They will have a great sound and they are very well made. But as beginners who are still very much learning, something with a little better cost-benefit will be better. Something you don't mind taking with you everywhere you go and beating around a bit, so you can always have it there to practice is a better idea. However, if you have a bunch of money burning in your pocket, then who am I to stop you from getting a Martin Ukulele. 

For a more complete history on martin Ukuleles please check out this Geocities page.

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