Ukulele For Beginners: Christmas Presents

14 Nov
Halloween is over and most of us are now starting to think about the holiday season. Turkeys, pies, sweets, parties, and of course presents. For those who are just starting (or are wanting to start) to learn the ukulele, there is no better gift than a new ukulele. However, choosing the right ukulele for beginners can be a little more difficult than just choosing the prettiest or cheapest one. Remember it is the sound that is the most important.

So here are a few guidelines to follow to buy an ukulele for beginners.

  • Stay away from cheap ukuleles– you should expect to spend at least $40-50 on something relatively decent and starting around $100 and up for something pretty good. A cheap ukulele may never sound good and might put the player off playing.
  • Sound matters more than looks- Don't buy an ukulele just because it's pretty. A plain good sounding ukulele is 10 times better than a nice looking one that doesn't play well.
  • Find a place that knows ukuleles- Ukuleles in the <$200 range may need a proper setup to sound as good as they can. A good ukulele shop should let you know about this. 
  • Let them choose- Giving an ukulele as a gift is great, but if you aren't sure where to start, then you might want to let them pick it out. After all they will be spending a lot of time with it.
Since you might not have a music store, but you will want to listen to how the different ukuleles sound, check out the below link:

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