4 Chords, lots of Songs ((ukulele for beginners, learn ukulele, ukulele tutorial))

2 Aug
One of the great things about learning the ukulele for beginners is that with just a few chords you can play a ton of songs. The below tutorial teaches you how play several songs. Once you learn these four chords and a couple of strum patterns, you will be surprised how many songs you can learn. 

Check out the video and start playing.

Ukulele For Beginners: Lesson 4

9 Jul
The fourth video in the ukulele for beginners series. He teaches some new chords and a few different types of strums.

Buy a great ukulele

2 Jul
If you are just starting out, or are looking for a new ukulele, I have come across a great one. The Hamano H100 Vintage. It is an ukulele that is designed after the old Martin ukuleles, which are thought by many to some of the best ever made. It's a solid wood ukulele for a great price that competes with ukuleles in higher price brackets. 

You can find a full review below.

Buy Ukulele: Be Careful About Cheap ukuleles

19 Jun
You want to buy an ukulele. You do what most of us do when we want to see what something costs, you go to Ebay or Amazon. However, you want to be careful about buying your first ukulele. Buying something that is designed as more of a toy than an instrument may cause you to loose interest and stop playing. 

Luckily, there are good inexpensive ukuleles. Here are two of my favorite ukulele for beginners. They are inexpensive and sound quite impressive for the price.

To show you why you want to stay away from "cheap" ukuleles, check out the below video.


Matching your ukulele to your singing

9 May
Learning to play chords on the ukulele is actually not that difficult. Yes, some of them require a weird hand position that takes time to get used to, but overall it's not to difficult. 

The thing I do have difficult with is keeping a beat when I try to sing along. I usually try to speed up one to meet the other. 

Luckily I have found a solution to this problem.

1. Lots and lots of practice (trust me you will eventually get it.

2. Play with someone else or play a long with a recording. It really helps.

I’m Yours on the Ukulele

8 May
This was one of my favorite songs to play on the ukulele and it's also a very simple one. 4 chords and a simple beat it's great for ukulele for beginners. Check out the video below.

Ukulele For Beginners Tutorial #3

7 May
Here is the follow up on the Ukulele For Beginners tutorials. This is video number 3. He goes over a few more chords and and also teaches you how to change chords to match the ukulele to your voice. Enjoy!